Make Your Next Event Memorable

Satisfy your guests with amazing food

If there's one thing everyone will remember about your event, it'll be the food. Whether you need catering for a wedding or a birthday party, BIGS Meat Wagon has the food you want. We're also glad to hold drop-off and pickup catering events with no required minimum price.

Reach out to us today if you want delicious barbecue at your next event. We require a $1,000 minimum for catered events.

How we'll spice up your food service

How we'll spice up your food service

When we cater an event, we do more than set up a buffet table and leave serving to you. We bring our full setup to every event for piping hot, flavorful food. We'll:

  • Serve fresh barbecue out of our truck
  • Cook barbecue on-site with our smoker
  • Serve grilled cheese and sides out of our tents
All your guests will look forward to dinner with the tempting smell of fresh barbecue in the air. If you're interested in our catering services, call 970-980-3988 now.